Graduate Spanish Program
Preparation program for Admission to the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation
Program for Second-year Translation and Interpretation Graduate Students



Put your knowledge to work! Our internship program provides a unique opportunity to not only practice a high-register Spanish in a professional setting, but also to gain first-hand experience of the Spanish labor atmosphere. You will acquire working experience in a field related to your area of study or interest. By carefully selecting the institutions where you will be placed, together with a close on-site supervision and evaluation, we ensure that you will have a matchless experience.


  1. 1) Workload. Internships require a minimum of 15-20 hours per week of on-site work. In addition, students invest 5 hours per week on the academic components of the internship. A final research paper focusing on relevant issues of the internship is required.
  2. 2) Work Plan. Interns submit a Work Plan in the first two weeks of the internship, detailing their goals and academic objectives of the Internship.
  3. 3) On-site Supervision. On-site supervisors are designated by GRIIS together with the host institution to keep a close watch on the endeavors of the interns and provide them with all the necessary training and guidance for the satisfactory performance of their duties. The supervisors are fully informed that the interns are not to provide simple labor services. While it is openly recognized that most internships will involve some amount of clerical work, the supervisors are aware of the need to keep such services to a minimum.
  4. 4) GRIIS Supervision. Students have regular meetings with the GRIIS director to evaluate the progress of the internship and to receive guidance on the final academic paper as well as to discuss any problems that may arise.
  5. 5) Internship Journal. Students are required to write a daily journal related to the responsibilities that the internship entails as well as personal opinions and the vocabulary learned every day, with special emphasis on technical and/or professional terms.
  6. 6) Research Paper. Students prepare a final research paper with an extensive bibliography on a topic relevant to the internship. The topic of the paper will be approved by the GRIIS director and the on-site supervisor, if appropriate.


Internships are typically offered during both semesters to qualified students.

Grades and credit transfers

Like all other GRIIS courses, internships are graded and accredited by the Centro de Lenguas Modernas of the University of Granada. Grades will be obtained based on: the on-site work performance (40%); academic paper (30%); and meetings with the director, regular attendance at the internship and other relevant issues (30%). Students are responsible for obtaining prior approval of the internship plan from their Home Institutions in order to ensure transfer of credits.

Internship fields and placements

Internships in a variety of fields such as education, law, politics, international relations, health care, and other fields are possible. We will make every effort to accomodate the needs of students of interested in areas not listed above.

Some recent internship placements include:

  1. - San Rafael Hospital (Nursing)
  2. - Marista La Inmaculada Primary and High School. (Education)
  3. - Santa María Primary and High School. (Education)
  4. - Regina Mundi Primary and High School. (Education)
  5. - Saint John of God Nursing Home.
  6. - Granada Chamber of Commerce.
  7. - International Training Center Reina Isabel.

What is included



GRIIS at a glance

The Granada Institute of International Studies (GRIIS) total immersion offers include undergraduate as well as graduate-level programs and Special programs intended for the development of language and cross-cultural skills. The programs are carried out at the University of Granada. The Institute has a cooperation agreement with the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages to regulate the implementation of academic activities and classes. Transcripts are issued by the University of Granada

GRIIS programs are targeted to highly motivated students and designed to reach the goal of academic excellence. All studies are therefore rigorous and demanding, but we provide the adequate atmosphere to ensure your success and to make your stay in Spain a truly enjoyable learning experience. Daily supervision and guidance by GRIIS staff, individual tutoring classes, weekly small meetings and living with select families are key elements of the program. We expect hard work from students, but leave everything else in our hands. Please, click on the links above for individual program descriptions.

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