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GRIIS Short-Term Travel Program


The Short-Term travel course will be specially organized for SIMMONS COLLEGE, Boston, MA., although students from other Universities may also enroll. This Short-term travel program offers students the opportunity to travel and study for four weeks in one of Spain´s oldest and most historically significant cities. A short-term travel course enables students to be immersed in a culture other than their own and to broaden their perspective and knowledge of the language or a subject through an intensive learning experience. The program also aims to enhance undergraduate students’ knowledge of Spanish so that they will acquire the proficiency needed to fulfill their language requirements.

Course offered are:

  1. Spanish 201M: Intermediate Spanish I.
  2. Spanish 240M: Spoken Spanish.
  3. Spanish 253M: Social and Political Issues in Modern Spain (taught in Spanish)

Spanish 201M: Intermediate Spanish I.

This course develops communicative skills through a selective grammar review, discussion of topics of interest, and frequent use of audiovisual materials. Expands reading comprehension and cultural awareness through examples of Hispanic prose and poetry.

Spanish 240M: Spoken Spanish.

This course offers intensive oral-aural practice, with emphasis on the language used in daily life. Serves those who wish to perfect pronunciation and increase fluency in Spanish.

Spanish 253M: Social and Political Issues in Modern Spain

This civilization course focuses on 20th-century Spain with special emphasis placed on the Spanish Civil War,the Franco régime, the transition to democracy and Spain today. Areas covered include art and architecture as well as historical, political, cultural, social and economic issues. The activities offered through the program complement the course material.

Orientation Sessions, extracurricular activities and excursions.

The first day of the program there will be an orientation session and students will take a walking tour of the city. Granada is known as a "University City" due in large part to the student population at UGR. The city itself offers many activities that are noteworthy for foreign students. Click here for a complete list of activities.

Housing and travel arrangements.

All students are housed in Spanish homes. GRIIS makes the appropriate arrangements for these accommodations. Homestays provide students the opportunity to experience Spanish family life and to use the language in the context of everyday situations. The program cost covers housing plus three meals a day. Travel expenses are not included in the program´s cost.

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GRIIS at a glance

The Granada Institute of International Studies (GRIIS) total immersion offers include undergraduate as well as graduate-level programs and Special programs intended for the development of language and cross-cultural skills. The programs are carried out at the University of Granada. The Institute has a cooperation agreement with the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages to regulate the implementation of academic activities and classes. Transcripts are issued by the University of Granada

GRIIS has a lively cooperation agreement with the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies, an Institution which promotes the cooperation between Arab and Western countries.

GRIIS programs are targeted to highly motivated students and designed to reach the goal of academic excellence. All studies are therefore rigorous and demanding, but we provide the adequate atmosphere to ensure your success and to make your stay in Spain a truly enjoyable learning experience. Daily supervision and guidance by GRIIS staff, individual tutoring classes, weekly small meetings and living with select families are key elements of the program. We expect hard work from students, but leave everything else in our hands. Please, click on the links above for individual program descriptions.

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