The Institute​

Granada Institute of
International Studies

Is a private education institution legally established in Spain devoted to the organization and administration of undergraduate and graduate Study abroad programs in the areas of Spanish Language and Culture, as well as International and professional Studies.

The academic activities of the Institute are carried out under the auspices of the existing cooperation agreements signed between GRIIS and the Center for Modern Languages of the University of Granada (UGR). All our courses are fully accredited, supervised and graded by the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages.

The Institute also promotes cultural and academic exchange programs between Higher Education Institutions in Spain and the United States, and in general, aims to develop all sorts of activities in order to promote a better knowledge of the Spanish Language and culture in the United States and conversely, the American culture in Spain.

GRIIS maintains a close relationship with the home Campuses of students enrolled in GRIIS programs in Spain. This cooperation pursues the academic success of students making the appropriate joint decisions regarding course choices and curricula, in order to accommodate every student’s interests and needs.


The Granada Institute of International Studies and its academic programs are directed by Amalia Pulgarín.

Dr. Pulgarín is a native of Spain and holds a Ph.D. degree in Hispanic Philology from Boston University. She was a faculty member at Boston College, Boston University, Simmons College (Assistant Professor of Spanish) and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (Visiting Associate Professor of Spanish). She has directed Study Abroad programs in Spain for over 25 years, and served two-terms as Vice-President of the Association of North American Universities Programs in Spain. As Scholar, she has published two books and numerous articles and book chapters on Literary Criticism published in Europe and the U.S.

As Director of programs, she is responsible for coordinating all academic activities and attending to student needs. Dr. Pulgarín teaches the «Intensive Language and Culture Course» and, during the regular semester, the Seminar “Spain within the 21st Century: Building Bridges” a sign of identity of the program and key element of its success.

Dr. Pulgarín regularly visits home campuses to meet prospective students and maintains academic cooperations with professors at home.


Teresa Checa is Executive Assistant to the Director and Coordinator of extracurricular activities.

Ms. Checa received a degree in Education and another in Pedagogy from the University of Granada, and has been working with GRIIS since 2006. She is responsible for all volunteering activities for students and also organizes the “conversation partners” program. The extracurricular activities, together with many volunteering work opportunities and the matching students with individual conversation partners are unique elements for a total immersion in the everyday life of Granada.

As the liaison between the institute and the host families, she carefully selects the best living option for each student. To ensure this, she holds prior-departure video-conferences with all students to accommodate their preferences.



or close relationships are maintained
with the following universities: